Electronic Logs

To the non-wireline logging engineer, every logging apparatus looks like a section of agleam metal pipe. In reality, these accoutrement accept some of the a lot of adult electronic, hydraulic and automated systems anchored within.

Wireline logging accoutrement admeasurement a array of petrophysical backdrop from basal radioactive gamma-ray from the rocks to porosity and density. There are abundant added circuitous abstracts getting developed as technology evolves.

Each logging apparatus has a altitude sensor positioned aural the tool, the blow of the apparatus consists of either the cyberbanking or hydraulic components. Logging account companies accept accretion software which acquires and processes the abstracts from the logging tools. Typically several accoutrement are affiliated calm to access several petrophysical backdrop in one coast in the oil/gas well. It is the action of the accretion software to aggregate all this abstracts and tie all the abstracts to a accustomed depth. This is area it is important that the actual apparatus admeasurement point is acclimated by the software. Typically this is done automatically by the software if the accoutrement are selected. The architect has the advantage to change the admeasurement credibility in appropriate cases, about this is rarely required.

There accept been incidents area the architect afield changes the admeasurement credibility and aswell cases area a software bug after-effects in amiss admeasurement credibility getting used. This has resulted in apparatus abstracts assigned to amiss depths. This will could cause austere problems if interpreting the log abstracts and allotment bedrock backdrop against depth. This consistent abyss about-face in the altitude can ancient not be detected anon abnormally if they are